Laura Herberg, from the outside, might seem like a relatively productive 30-something, but she has a very hard time getting things done.  In each episode of this sound-rich, narrative podcast, she documents an attempt to check a task off of her to do list.

In Episode 1, listeners ride along as Laura stakes out her former residence in search of the drums she left behind. In Episode 2, listeners get an intimate look at Laura’s strained yet loving relationship with her mother when she comes to visit Laura in Detroit.

“On the surface, it may sound as exciting as reading the nutritional info off a carton of milk, but in practice, Herberg is engaging and interesting.”

Huffington Post

Gourdgeous Steps

Laura Herberg is an award-winning feature reporter at the NPR affiliate, WDET, in Detroit.

When she started this podcast in March of 2016, she was only working at the public radio station part-time. Four months after the launch of Complete Me, she became a full-time employee at WDET. Perhaps not surprisingly, ever since then she’s struggled to complete episodes of this podcast. You can check out her WDET work here.

Laura attended the Salt Institute for Documentary Studies where she learned the craft of radio from Rob Rosenthal. She received her Bachelor’s of Art in Psychology from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. She is currently working toward a Master of Urban Planning at Wayne State University.

Laura grew up in a suburb of Seattle called Lynnwood that had three movie theaters and a sizable mall. She moved to Detroit to settle down in 2010.


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