Vote On Topic For Ep Four

Which thing should I try to complete for my next episode?

Commute By Running With A Jogging Stroller
I never seem to make time for running because it just seems so random. You get all dressed up in a little outfit and then spend like 30 minutes running around somewhere until you get back to where you started. Oftentimes I think about running places that I need to go anyways. The only problem is I’d need somewhere to put my computer, purse, and radio gear. That’s why I want to try out commuting by running with one of those fancy baby strollers. I could just put all my stuff in it. This is something I’ve thought about for years and never tried. If I make it an episode then I’ll finally give it a go!

Ask For A Raise At My Restaurant Job
When I started as a buser in 2001, I made $7.40/hr plus tips. That was in Washington State. Fifteen years later here in Michigan I make $3.10/hr plus tips… around four dollars per hour less! Meanwhile, some coastal cities are finding ways to pay their front of house staff $15/hr. There’s even at least one restaurant in Detroit that pays their employees a living wage. I’d like to talk to some of these restaurants and find out how they’ve managed to increase their workers’ wages. Then I want to ask the owners of the restaurant I work at if they can increase our wages. If they say they can’t, then I’d like them to explain why.

Cast your vote HERE.


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